Continuously evaluate the digital ecosystem, optimize your security posture, and effectively manage the cyber risk environment

“The Pellonium team is bringing much needed clarity to cyber risk. Their technology transcends the noise of merely acknowledging problems and navigating technical complexities by offering customers a practical, cost-informed pathway to reduce cyber risk exposure.“
LTG Edward C. Cardon (Ret.)
LTG Edward C. Cardon (Ret.),
Former US Army Commanding General

How it Works


Connect & Interpret

Data beyond the security stack

Risk naturally resides beyond security capabilities and is inherent to all digital connections. Our solution consumes audit, configuration, and policy data across the enterprise digital ecosystem via API integrations. No agents, scans, or additional infrastructure is required. Once connected, Pellonium's continuous data processing analyzes and interprets incoming data in minutes, enabling near instantaneous results.

Data beyond the security stack flowData beyond the security stack flowData beyond the security stack flow

Understand Your Risk Environment, in Real-Time

Risk observability from the attacker's point of view

Dozens of scenarios and thousands of TTPs are modeled from the attacker’s point of view in near real-time to answer difficult questions: what is likelihood of success across all scenarios, stages, & controls; if success is achieved, what’s the impact to the organization?

Pellonium Data Flow GraphicPellonium Data Flow GraphicPellonium Data Flow Graphic

Involve Compliance

Enabling a stronger voice in the risk environment

Performance-based compliance models evaluate control maturity for all frameworks applicable to your business, while treating your compliance posture as a modifier to further inform other risk calculations.

Give Compliance a Voice in The Risk Environment Graphics
Detailed Abstraction of Pellonium Optimize Module

Tune Existing Investments & Justify Additional Budget Asks

Improve performance, determine gaps, and prioritize actions

There are millions of possibilities involving technologies that you currently have and those you are considering for deployment. Our solution simulates every configuration and policy outcome throughout your environment, producing actionable recommendations informing which knob & lever to configure and it’s expected risk reduction.


Manage Your Risk Tolerance

Cross-walked and consolidated monitoring with collaborative workflows

Providing operationally relevant treatment strategies for abstracted risks across all threat-informed risk scenarios, which serve as a data-driven starting point for developing your organization’s risk appetite. Our automated cyber risk register moves beyond legacy spreadsheets and continuously tracks the progress of treatment plans with lineage to live data points.

Detailed Abstraction of Pellonium Risk Register Module
Detailed Insights Abstraction Graphic


Demonstrate what you've done, achieve stakeholder buy-in for what you want to do

Our custom Insights capability offers a starter-canvas for developing rich reports and presentations that are tailored to your organization by seamlessly leveraging all Pellonium datasets that can also be shared outside of the platform.

AI Enabled

PelloniaGPT: Your Cyber Risk Copilot

Contextualized Risk Assistant Icon

Contextualized Risk Assistant

Gain powerful insights by asking simple questions such as: which vendor needs the most attention or how has my ransomware risk changed in the past 30 days?

Translate Technical Jargon Icon

Translate Technical Jargon

Describe and present the technical complexities of the cyber risk environment in simple, business-aligned, and non-technical terms.

Control Justification & Policy Generation Icon

Control Justification & Policy Generation

Custom curated and delivered based on technologies you have, what they're currently doing, and what else they could be doing to further enhance your security posture.

Integrations, everywhere

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