Cybersecurity, Reimagined

Unified Security Posture Management to effectively reduce and manage cyber risk exposure, maximize stack performance, and drive ROI-based value

The State of Security

As organizations ramp up their cyber investments to capitalize on new growth opportunities, security teams are under immense pressure to keep pace and stay aligned with business objectives. Pellonium simplifies this complexity, operating at the crossroads of cloud infrastructure, business applications, AI models, and security tools to optimize your cyber risk management efforts.

Unified Security Posture Management

Prioritizes and addresses risks based on their potential impact and likelihood of occurrence. Security teams can allocate resources more effectively, implement targeted security measures, and improve overall resilience against cyberattacks. It combines threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and risk assessment methodologies to create a dynamic and adaptive security strategy.

Respects the Risk Triad

Threats, vulnerabilities, and assets are all given equal attention when assessing cyber risk exposure.

Organizes Exposure

Threats are categorized based on their likelihood of success in exploiting vulnerabilities and prioritized by scenarios defined by the outcome the threat actor aims to achieve.

Continuously Informed

The environment is evaluated in real-time ensuring assessments remain relevant.


Encompassing the entire digital ecosystem, wherever cyber risk is materially present.

Organizationally Aligned

All evaluations are based on the measurable impact they could have against strategic objectives and business goals.

Performance Based

The existing security stack is continuously evaluated to optimize ROI.


Risk decisions are evidence-based with fine-tuned recommendations  to reduce exposure based on desired outcomes and risk appetite.


Evolves from binary checks to consider how each control or policy impacts the overall cyber risk environment.

Pellonium Risk Intelligence

Unified Security Posture Management delivering unparalleled data-driven precision, enabling security teams and their stakeholders to efficiently manage, control, and mitigate cyber risks within their environment


Continuous Cyber Risk Observability

Holistic risk evaluation across the digital enterprise to ensure comprehensive awareness.


Threat Informed Risk Models

Prioritize key risk exposure areas by running the adversary’s playbooks to determine likelihood of success.


Business Impact Focused

Tuned to the organization’s strategic growth objectives and financial goals.


Optimized Recommendations

Operationally focused risk-remediation tactics and carefully curated treatment plans to 
reduce exposure.


Performance focused ROI Analysis and Recommendations

Data-driven evidence to maximize the performance of existing security stack investments and determine areas of redundancy 
or gaps.