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Cyber + Risk + Intelligence
Anticipate, Evaluate & Optimize

The only continuous & comprehensive Risk Management Platform purpose built for security teams to protect & enable the Cyber Enterprise

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A SaaS-delivered, AI-powered platform delivering data driven insights to continuously improve how

security teams & business leaders

Rationalize key risk & investment decisions

Understand its business impact

Manage their cyber risk environment

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Continuous cyber risk quantification, evaluation & business impact analysis based on what's actually happening in your organization

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Prioritized tactics tailored to your environment & thresholds to reduce cyber risk exposure & increase security ROI

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Automated compliance & controls management that leverage adaptable frameworks to significantly improve regulatory & internal oversight obligations

Cyber Enteprise Risk Managment

Cybersecurity is critical

Cyber Enterprise
Risk Management

is the next evolution

Cyber investment is not just a good idea - it's an organizational imperative aligned to strategic priorities & objectives


Each new digital connection provides tremendous opportunity for reward & has pushed traditional back-office IT functions into a core business activity

With reward comes risk, adding even more pressure on security teams........

The Cybersecurity
Value Proposition

Shift from simply identifying what's wrong to why it actually matters & have data-driven confidence to ruthlessly protect investments & strategic goals

Adopt an Enterprise Risk Management approach to treat cyber risk as a key business risk

Enterprise Risk Management work flow to manage risk

Pellonium Risk Intelligence

provides meaningful, actionable, and defensible insights to help security teams & executives answer the most urgent questions

How much cyber risk are we carrying?
  • What are the greatest cyber threats we face?

  • What’s the likelihood of their success & what is the potential financial impact?

  • Where are we most vulnerable?

Rapid Time to Value with Robust Features

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