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Our team.

Pellonium was built by a proven team of security leaders, practitioners and business executives with deep public and private sector experience. ​They have sat on all sides of the table bringing deep and practical perspective to addressing complex problems.

We know the challenges organizations face in demonstrating the return on their investments to efficiently manage cyber threats and vulnerabilities. ​Metrics are important – equally essential is translating traditional security information into the language of risk and business impact to drive how cyber risk is managed with confidence.​

Homayun Yaqub

Homayun Yaqub photo
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25+ years in security & risk management | entrepreneur | U.S. Army | Defense Intelligence | JPMorgan Chase & Co | Dataminr​

Chris Puderbaugh photo

Chris Puderbaugh

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15+ years in security & analytics software development | 4 patents | Dept. of Justice | RedOwl Analytics | Forcepoint | Dragos​

Brandon Thomas photo

Brandon Thomas

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25+ years in corporate startups | successful exit | strategy | data | author | The White House | ​

The Washington Post​

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